September 2, 2019

votes, the library

Currently, the poll application of this website has a few voting methods implemented.

The library “votes” will allow more voting systems to be used. Check it on Gitlab.

You may want the check some related projects from other people:

  • Condorcet Vote is a very similar application as the one that is here. It is written in PHP and the algorithm are available in a library

  • a voting tool originated from a project at the Technical University of Munich (TUM)

  • an application (in French) to create votes using maximal lotteries

  • Le scrutin de Condorcet randomisé: a Youtube video (in French) from the channel Science4All. The description contains many links to related work.

  • To Build a Better Ballot: an interactive guide to alternative voting systems.

  • Modern Ballots: online and offline voting platform using Schulze's method.