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I'm Antoine. This is my personal blog and playground.


Ubähnchen preview
animated U-Bahn map
costless databases
Voting systems preview
voting systems
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emoji animator
Spotipiano preview
spotify soundboard
requires premium 😟
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codenames secret card generator
Steiner tree preview
Steiner trees


November 29, 2021

🎶 spotipiano

Soundboard with your favourite music from Spotify. (Requires Spotify premium)

In 2014, I had the chance to attend a course about computational social choice. In parallel encountered a lot of content on the topic of voting systems on the internet, for example videos from CGP Grey or Science4All. Since then, I strongly believe that elections or polls account for the entire preferences of the participants. That's why I am building a small voting app.

Interactive description of an inefficient algorithm to find minimal networks connecting a set of points (AKA Steiner trees)

October 11, 2019

🗺️ some maps

The GeoJSON format is pretty neat. With the help of the library turfjs, it is possible to transform maps to do interesting things